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January 26, 2015

Dear Client,

With ten years of technology industry experience and six years of marketing industry experience, we can help you identify your core needs, craft your ideas into solutions, and clearly communicate to your customers. Web, printed materials, branding, logos, marketing strategy, hosting, window washing, we do it all. Well mostly. We are real people, who communicate directly and honestly with clients, listening actively and providing mock-ups prior to delivery. We use up-to-date technology, custom coding, open-source solutions, fitting the right amount and right type of technology- not too much, not too little. From cleaning firms to financial firms, from large corporate needs to mom-and-pop shops, we serve all types of customers. We love what we do.

Our rates vary based on the type and scope of project. In general, design related projects are priced based on estimated time to delivery with variation to scale back or add to the billing as the project nears completion. Websites are quoted as the homepage being a set price with subsequent pages added at a fraction of the cost. Technology support is billed at an hourly rate, unless it is part of a marketing project such as a website. Unlike other marketing firms, we work weekends and evenings.

Saturn Consulting

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